Film Fiji

Fiji is quickly becoming a favorite creative destination for filmmakers and tv studios. Wanderlust had the privilege to work with the Fijian Film commission - Film Fiji to train over a hundred young filmmakers from around the islands. We spent a month touring the country. Students were eager to learn and some even came by boat to the classes. There is a lot of emerging talent in Fiji! It's always an amazing place in the world to visit. Thanks to Ashley Brehm for her collaboration with us. 

Jesse Roberts
Radiance of Résistance

It's been a wild few weeks with film screenings in Beirut, Scotland, Greece, Barcelona, Australia, US, and Denmark. We have some exciting events coming up in South Africa, Mexico, and Peru. Radiance of Résistance continues to generate interest and has been subtitled in multiple languages. Thanks for all the support!

Radiance Respect Human Rights.jpg
Jesse Roberts